Animal Film Box Office Collection Today

Animal Film Box Office Collection Today

Animal Film Box Office Collection Today


In the dynamic world of Bollywood, success stories often unfold unexpectedly, and the recent blockbuster “Animal” has proven to be a game-changer for more than just its lead actors. While Ranbir Kapoor’s stellar performance and the film’s gripping narrative have undoubtedly captivated audiences worldwide, it is the emergence of a lesser-known talent, Trupti Dimri, that has taken the industry by storm. Surprising everyone with her outstanding portrayal in a supporting role, Trupti Dimri has not only become the talk of the town but has also witnessed a remarkable surge in her social media following, showcasing the power of exceptional performances to transcend conventional norms.

The Unlikely Star:

Trupti Dimri, known for her previous roles in films like “Bulbbul,” has garnered immense praise for her nuanced portrayal in “Animal.” Despite being in a supporting role, her performance has struck a chord with the audience, elevating her to the status of a breakout star. It is indeed a rarity for an actress in a side role to receive such overwhelming appreciation, but Trupti’s ability to breathe life into her character has not gone unnoticed.

Social Media Sensation:

In the age of social media, an artist’s popularity extends beyond the silver screen, and Trupti Dimri is a prime example of this phenomenon. Before the release of “Animal,” Trupti had a respectable following of 1 million on her Instagram account. However, the post-release scenario has witnessed a staggering growth, with her followers more than doubling in just a few days, reaching a remarkable 2.1 million. This meteoric rise reflects not only the widespread acclaim for her performance but also the genuine connection she has established with her audience.

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The Power of Recognition:

Trupti Dimri’s journey from 1 million to 2.1 million Instagram followers is symbolic of the power of recognition for exceptional talent, irrespective of screen time. Audiences are increasingly drawn to authenticity and talent, and Trupti’s portrayal in “Animal” has become a testament to the fact that impactful performances can create waves beyond the boundaries of conventional lead roles.

Comparisons and Acclaim:

What adds an intriguing layer to this narrative is the comparison between Trupti Dimri and the film’s lead actress, Rashmika. While Rashmika has received praise for her role, the spotlight seems to have shifted to Trupti, with social media buzzing about her performance. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, supporting actors can steal the show, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of the audience.


Trupti Dimri‘s journey post the release of “Animal” stands as a remarkable testament to the unpredictable nature of success in the entertainment industry. Her ability to make a lasting impact in a supporting role is not only a personal triumph but also a celebration of the evolving tastes of the audience. As the accolades pour in and her social media following continues to skyrocket, Trupti Dimri is undeniably a rising star, proving that sometimes, the brightest lights can emerge from the shadows.

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