Ayalaan Movie Review: Sivakarthikeyan’s Sci-Fi Adventure Struggles to Take Off

Ayalaan Movie Review

Ayalaan Movie Review: Sivakarthikeyan’s Sci-Fi Adventure Struggles to Take Off


Director R Ravikumar’s sophomore film, “Ayalaan,” ventures into the realm of science fiction, bringing together a unique blend of humor, morality, and the otherworldly. While the film attempts to entertain with a light-hearted tone and a charismatic alien, it falls short of delivering a truly gripping sci-fi experience. Let’s delve into the various aspects that make “Ayalaan” a mixed bag of emotions.

Plot Overview:

The storyline revolves around Tamizh (played by Shivakarthikeyan), a nature lover from a village who finds himself in Chennai seeking opportunities. Meanwhile, a hostile scientist (Sharad Kelkar) and his subordinate (Isha Koppikar) plan to use a dangerous crystal to bring about the end of the world. Tamizh teams up with an alien visitor named Tattoo to thwart this catastrophic mission.


  1. Light-Hearted Treatment: Ravikumar excels in maintaining a light-hearted approach to heavy topics, a skill evident in his debut film, “Indru Netru Naalai.” The film explores the concept of an alien-human alliance to save humanity, providing moments of humor and camaraderie.
  2. Expressive Alien: The standout feature of “Ayalaan” is the expressive and humorous alien character, Tattoo. While Siddharth’s voice may lack a certain X factor, the odd friendship between the extraterrestrial being and the innocent Tamizh adds a touch of charm reminiscent of Rakesh Roshan’s “Koi..Mil Gaya.”
  3. Decoding Science with Humor: In the first half, Ravikumar skillfully incorporates humor into scientific elements, drawing parallels with his previous film, “Indru Netru Naalai.” Witty one-liners and creative inventions add a layer of entertainment.


  1. Uneven Storytelling: The film, plagued by financial constraints and production delays due to the pandemic, struggles with uneven storytelling. The initial stretch feels rushed, with disjointed scenes and a forgettable introductory song, hindering the film’s freshness.
  2. Poor Execution of Core Plot: While aiming for a grand scale with a star-studded cast, Ravikumar falters in executing the core plot effectively. The conflict lacks depth, and the villains, though portrayed as threatening, fail to evoke a sense of real danger.
  3. Lack of Focus on Character Development: Despite the star power of Sivakarthikeyan, the director neglects the character development of Tamizh. The film could have benefited from a more nuanced exploration of the protagonist’s journey, allowing the audience to invest emotionally in his quest.
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“Ayalaan” presents a fun-filled alien-human partnership with moments of humor and charm. However, the film falls short of delivering a compelling sci-fi experience, struggling with uneven storytelling and a lack of depth in character development. While the special effects are commendable, they alone cannot compensate for a narrative that lacks soul. In the end, “Ayalaan” may find its audience among the younger generation, but it may not stand the test of time as a memorable sci-fi adventure.

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