Bigg Boss 17 How Did The Nomination Task Happen? These Three Nominated Munawar

Bigg Boss 17 How Did The Nomination Task Happen

Bigg Boss 17 How Did The Nomination Task Happen? These Three Nominated Munawar


In a recent turn of events in the gripping reality show, an unexpected twist occurred during the nomination process. Pradeep, the narrator, sheds light on the unique circumstances that led to the formation of the final list of nominees. The story unfolds in Oregon, where the owner of a coffee shop, Oregon, holds the power to nominate contestants for the upcoming season. The twist? The power lies not in a conventional voting system but in the hands of Neel, a key player in this suspenseful narrative.

Nomination Process:

Neel, with the authority to decide nominations, observes a distinctive toss involving three individuals seeking his favor. The catch? They approach him in diverse ways, reflecting their personalities. Neel, armed with the power to decide, contemplates not only who receives coffee but also who enters the nomination list.

Nomination Criteria:

The rules stipulate that a contestant can nominate multiple individuals, and a nominee is decided only when three or more votes are secured. The suspense builds as Pradeep unravels the nominations and their intricate connections.

Key Highlights:

The most significant revelation is that Isha and Rinku remain untouched by nominations, creating a buzz among the audience. Pradeep assures viewers that Rinku, once spared from nominations, is guaranteed safety for the next 10 weeks.

Big Boss 17 Nomination Details:

Munavvar Manara:

Enjoying support from Isha and Neel, Munavvar narrowly escapes nomination despite being on the radar of Rinku and Aishwarya.

Anurag Doval:

Rinku, Aishwarya, Munavvar, Neel, and Ankita join forces to nominate Anurag, securing his spot in the nominations.

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Vicky Bhaiya:

Despite Aishwarya’s support, Vicky Bhaiya faces nominations as Abhishek and Sana cast their votes against him.


Munavvar singles out Aishwarya for nomination, putting her in a challenging spot.


Only Vicky nominates Samarth, resulting in both their names making it to the nominations list.


Nominated by Sana, Arun, Manara, and Aishwarya, Abhishek faces the heat in the nominations.


Abhishek, Arun, Anurag, and Munavvar unite to nominate Sana, adding an unexpected twist to the nominations.


Isha, Abhishek, and Sana collaboratively nominate Arun, making the competition fierce.

Munawar Faruqui’s Challenge:

Intriguingly, Munawar Faruqui finds himself nominated by Anurag, Sana, and Aishwarya, setting the stage for an intense competition within the nominations. The unfolding drama promises a captivating opening voting trend that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


As the nominations unfold, the stage is set for a riveting showdown among the eight contestants. The upcoming voting trend is eagerly awaited, promising an unpredictable turn of events in this reality show saga. Stay tuned for more updates as the drama continues to unfold.

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