Bigg Boss 17 Nomination Frenzy: Neil Takes Charge with Surprising Twists

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination Frenzy

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination Frenzy: Neil Takes Charge with Surprising Twists


In the latest turn of events on the popular reality show Bigg Boss, the much-anticipated nomination task has concluded, leaving viewers in suspense and excitement. Host Pradeep brings you the exclusive details on the eight names that found themselves entangled in the nomination web. Notably, Neil emerged as a game-changer, wielding the power to throw coffee on a fellow contestant’s face. Let’s delve into the intriguing list of nominated contestants and the unexpected twists that unfolded.

Neil’s Power Play:

Neil, a consistent presence throughout the season, was bestowed with a unique power. In a surprising turn, he gained the authority to decide who receives a cup of coffee from the shop owner, and the catch was that the recipient would get coffee thrown at them. A novel twist indeed, shifting the dynamics of the nomination process.

Nominated Contenders:

Here’s the rundown of the eight contestants who found themselves in the hot seat:

a. Neil (First Nominee) b. Aruna Shetty (Second Nominee) c. Sana Raees Khan (Third Nominee) d. Abhishek Kumar (Fourth Nominee) e. Khanzadi (Fifth Nominee) f. Vicky (Sixth Nominee) g. Babubhaiya (Seventh Nominee) h. Munawwar (Eighth Nominee)

Rinku Escapes Nomination:

Contrary to expectations, Rinku managed to dodge the nomination this time. The intricacies of how she secured this exemption will be unveiled in the upcoming episodes, adding a layer of mystery to the Bigg Boss game.

Surprising Three-Vote Scenario:

A twist in the tale emerged as it was revealed that some contestants needed three votes to enter the nominations. Notably, Aruna Shetty and Vicky fell victim to this scenario, sparking curiosity about who strategically voted against them.

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Clash of Titans:

Munawwar vs. Anurag Doval In a surprising revelation, Munawwar and Anurag Doval found themselves pitted against each other in the nominations. The clash between these two outspoken personalities promises to bring a new dimension to the ongoing drama inside the Bigg Boss house. Viewers eagerly await the showdown between the Twitter titans within the confines of the reality show.

Viewer Speculation:

With the nominations unveiled, fans are buzzing with anticipation. Social media is rife with speculations, opinions, and predictions about who might face eviction. The unexpected twists and turns have injected fresh excitement into the game, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next episode.


The Bigg Boss nomination saga has taken an unexpected turn with Neil’s newfound power and the clash between Munawwar and Anurag Doval. As the drama unfolds, fans can expect more surprises, confrontations, and strategic maneuvers in the quest for survival. The thrill of the nomination process continues to keep viewers hooked, making each episode a must-watch. Stay tuned for more updates on the unfolding drama inside the Bigg Boss house!

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