Bigg Boss 17 Voting And Elimination Process

Bigg Boss 17 Voting And Elimination Process

Bigg Boss 17 Voting And Elimination Process

Bigg Boss Season 17 has taken the entertainment scene by storm, and with the excitement of the show, the audience eagerly engages in the voting process to decide the fate of their favorite contestants. In this article, we’ll explore the various voting methods available for fans to cast their votes and actively participate in the eviction process.

1. Official Voting on JioCinema:

As the official voting method, JioCinema plays a pivotal role in determining the contestant’s destiny. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cast your vote on JioCinema:

  • JioCinema App: Download and open the JioCinema app. Look for the Bigg Boss 17 banner and click on it. Navigate to the ‘Vote’ option during the voting period, select your preferred contestant, and submit your vote.
  • JioCinema Website: Visit, find the Bigg Boss 17 show page, and click on the ‘Vote’ option. Choose your contestant and submit your vote.

2. Google Search Voting 

In the past, Google partnered with Bigg Boss to simplify the voting process. Fans could directly cast their votes by searching specific keywords like “Bigg Boss vote” or “bigg boss live voting” on Google. However, please note that this method is no longer in use.

3. Missed Call Voting

An age-old and popular method involved giving a missed call to the unique number assigned to each nominated contestant. However, like the Google Search Voting, this method is no longer in use.

4. Voot Voting

Previously, Voot served as the exclusive platform for voting in Bigg Boss Hindi. Fans could distribute their votes among nominated contestants, providing an interactive element to the process. Unfortunately, this method is no longer in use.

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5. Bigg Boss Online Voting Through Google

This unique method allowed fans to vote directly through the Google search page. However, like some other methods, this is no longer part of the voting process.

While these voting methods were once part of the Bigg Boss experience, the show’s organizers continue to evolve, introducing new and more convenient ways for fans to participate in the democratic eviction process.

Bigg Boss 17 Elimination Process

Bigg Boss Season 17 brings with it not just drama and entertainment but also the nail-biting suspense of weekly eliminations. The elimination process is a crucial aspect of the show, shaping the destiny of contestants based on the audience’s votes. In this article, let’s delve into the intricacies of the Bigg Boss 17 elimination process.

1. Nomination Task:

Every week, the drama begins with the Nomination Task. Contestants are given a task, and the stakes are high – completion of the task ensures safety from nominations. If a contestant fails to perform or the group decides otherwise, names are pitched for nominations.

2. Nomination Announcement:

Post the Nomination Task, Bigg Boss announces the list of nominated contestants for the week. Sometimes, this occurs in a secretive manner where contestants anonymously nominate their peers. The tension escalates as the fate of those on the list hangs in the balance.

3. Audience Voting:

Once the nominations are public, the power shifts to the audience. Viewers play a crucial role in determining who stays and who leaves the Bigg Boss house. The official voting platform for Bigg Boss Season 17 is JioCinema. Fans can cast their votes for their favorite contestants, influencing the eviction outcome.

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4. Results Announcement:

As the voting period concludes, the anticipation builds up to the Sunday episode when the results are announced. The contestant receiving the least number of votes bids an emotional farewell to the Bigg Boss house. The eviction is a dramatic moment, filled with both tears and cheers.

5. Wild Card Entries:

To spice things up, Bigg Boss often introduces wild card entries. These are new contestants entering the house midway through the season. Their arrival can alter the dynamics, and existing contestants must adapt quickly to the changing environment.

6. Eviction Twist:

Bigg Boss is known for its unpredictable twists. Sometimes, there might be a mid-week eviction or a sudden change in the elimination pattern. These surprises keep both contestants and viewers on their toes, ensuring that monotony never sets in.

7. Final Eviction:

As the season progresses, the eliminations continue until the show reaches its grand finale. The final eviction, just before the finale, is a critical moment. The last remaining contestants battle it out for the coveted title, making the final stages of the show intense and emotionally charged.


As Bigg Boss Season 17 unfolds its drama and excitement, the elimination process proves to be a captivating roller-coaster ride. The fate of contestants hangs in the balance, determined by a dynamic interplay of tasks, nominations, and, most crucially, the votes of the audience. Week by week, viewers are not only treated to the riveting drama inside the house but also empowered with the ability to influence who stays and who exits the Bigg Boss journey.

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The twists and turns, synonymous with the Bigg Boss experience, keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The elimination process is not merely a strategic maneuver but a reflection of the contestants’ journey in winning the hearts of the audience. In the Bigg Boss house, survival goes beyond alliances and strategies; it hinges on connecting with the viewers on a personal level.

As the show progresses, the voting methods emerge as a dynamic and engaging facet. While the official voting method on JioCinema takes precedence, older methods like missed calls and Voot voting add a nostalgic touch. The evolving landscape of reality TV necessitates innovative and user-friendly voting systems, ensuring that fans can seamlessly contribute to the survival of their beloved contestants.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan following every episode religiously or a casual viewer catching glimpses of the drama, your voting power holds significance. It’s a responsibility to wield with care, as your contribution adds to the suspense and thrill of Bigg Boss Season 17. So, stay tuned, exercise your voting prowess responsibly, and become a part of the journey that shapes the narrative of this season’s Bigg Boss. After all, in the realm of reality TV, the audience’s voice is as influential as the strategies devised within the house.

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