Bigg Boss 17 Will 2 Crore be demanded? How far was the legal process done?

Bigg Boss 17 Will 2 Crore be demanded

Bigg Boss 17 Will 2 Crore be demanded? How far was the legal process done?


In an unexpected twist, Salman Khan is taking a back seat this weekend on Bigg Boss, making way for the charismatic Karan Johar to host Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman Khan’s absence is attributed to his unavailability this weekend, with a candid remark that TRP might take a hit. However, the show’s creators seem to have a plan in mind by introducing Anurag Doval, a contestant with a massive fan following, to spice things up.

Anurag Doval’s Week in Review:

The past week inside the Bigg Boss house has been marked by some intriguing developments centered around Anurag Doval. Despite being seemingly untouched by controversies, Anurag voiced his feeling of being targeted. Notably, he faced taunts from his father, adding a layer of complexity to his narrative. The week witnessed the intensity of the nomination bike task involving Anurag, followed by a surprising turn of events where Neil was placed on the chopping block instead.

Potential Weekend Drama:

As anticipation builds for Weekend Ka Vaar, speculations arise regarding a potential drama involving Anurag Doval. The teaser suggests that Bigg Boss will address Anurag regarding a voluntary exit and a hefty penalty of Rs 2,00,00,000. However, Anurag’s team has allegedly not responded, leading to assumptions about a possible confrontation on the show.

Bigg Boss’s Expectations:

Bigg Boss himself has expressed expectations, hinting at the possibility of revealing a legal document involving the penalty and Anurag’s team’s lack of response. The drama may unfold with the threat of Anurag’s exit, creating a buzz around the show and boosting its TRP.

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Speculation on Anurag’s Response:

The blog speculates on Anurag’s potential response, suggesting that he might backtrack on his initial willingness to exit the game. The notion of offering Rs 4,00,00,000 instead of the stipulated penalty raises questions about Anurag’s double standards and his true intentions in the game.


The blog concludes by pondering the potential outcomes of the weekend, emphasizing the unpredictability of Anurag Doval’s journey in Bigg Boss. It encourages readers to share their opinions in the comment section, inviting a discussion on the unfolding drama inside the Bigg Boss house.

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