Bigg Boss Season 17: A look At The Power Ranking Of The Top 5 Of the Seventh Week

Bigg Boss Season 17: A look At The Power Ranking Of The Top 5

Bigg Boss Season 17: A look At The Power Ranking Of The Top 5 Of the Seventh Week


The anticipation is high as the seventh-week rankings for Bigg Boss Season 17 have been unveiled, and the fans are buzzing with excitement. In this video, Mandar breaks down the top five contestants according to Automax’s perspective, offering insights into their gameplay and strategic moves. Let’s dive into the rankings and analyze the contenders who are making waves inside the Bigg Boss house.

Neil Bhatt – A Rising Star at Number Five:

Automax places Neil Bhatt at the fifth position, praising his strength and performance inside the house. Neil’s gameplay has evidently impressed many, securing him a spot in the top five. The fans are invited to share their thoughts on whether Neil deserves this position in the comment section.

Ankita Lokhande – A Strong Contender at Number Two:

Ankita Lokhande emerges as a force to be reckoned with, claiming the second spot in the rankings. Mandar highlights Ankita’s ubiquitous presence and applauds her empathetic gesture towards a fellow contestant. The blog acknowledges Ankita’s game-playing skills and positions her as a strong contender for the Bigg Boss Season 17 trophy.

Aishwarya Sharma – A Surprising Third Place:

Aishwarya Sharma secures the third position, surprising many fans and followers. Mandar expresses his shock at Aishwarya’s placement and seeks the audience’s opinions on the incident or aspect that might have elevated her to this rank. Despite not being the favorite of many, Aishwarya’s gameplay has earned her a spot in the top three.

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Vicky Jain – The Manipulative Mastermind at Number Four:

Ankita Kiya’s strategic moves and manipulation tactics place her at the fourth position. Automax acknowledges her as the mastermind of the game, emphasizing the importance of contestants like Ankita in shaping the course of Bigg Boss. The viewers are encouraged to share their views on Ankita’s gameplay and whether her ranking is justified.

The Battle for Number One: Anurag Doval vs. Munawar Farooqui:

The spotlight is on Anurag Doval and Munawar Farooqui, who are engaged in a fierce battle for the top spot. While Anurag has secured the title in the past, Munawar remains undefeated and is determined to retain the number one position. The blog builds anticipation for the outcome of this intense rivalry and encourages readers to share their predictions for the top spot.


As the seventh week unfolds, the Bigg Boss Season 17 rankings offer a glimpse into the dynamics and strategies of the housemates. The competition is fierce, with each contestant vying for the coveted top spot. The audience is left eagerly awaiting the next episode to see how these rankings might change in the coming weeks. Share your thoughts on the top five rankings in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss Season 17!

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