Biography of Daniel Craig

Biography of Daniel Craig

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Biography of Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig ( born : March 2, 1968 in Chester-en- Golstan ) is a prominent Hollywood actor . He is the sixth James Bond character in the series of James Bond spy and action films . His selection as an actor playing the role of James Bond faced a negative reaction from fans of this film , but his performance in the movie Casino Royale made the audience and critics consider him the best James Bond in history . In April 2008, he was announced as the best dressed man in Britain.

Biography of Daniel Craig
Biography of Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig
original nameDaniel Worton Craig
Field of activityActor
BirthMarch 2, 1968
in the city of Chester and Golstan
NationalityYesi ‘s flower
Years of activity1992 until now
Spouse(s)Fiona Loudon 1994-1992
Rachel Weisz 2011-present

Daniel Craig Childhood Life

Craig was born in Chester, England . His father , Tim Vetti John Rawton Craig, was a petty officer in the Navy and when he was not on a ship and on shore, he did various jobs for a living, and his mother, Olivia Williams Craig, was an art teacher. Daniel grew up at his father’s workplace in Wellington and later in Hoy Lake near Liverpool.

He was interested in cinema and acting since he was in high school, and at the age of sixteen he went to London to join the National Youth Theatre . He was also a member of his hometown rugby team in high school. In high school, he went to the point of being expelled from school many times for partying.

Professional work

Daniel Craig studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Theater , graduating in 1991, and in 1993 he had cameos in the films Sharp Eagle and Dead Donkey. In 1996, he played his first main role in the TV series “Our Northern Friends” and after that he continued his cooperation with the BBC’s Gliss and acted in various series .

Daniel Craig as James Bond

In February 2005, the name “Daniel Craig” was published in the press as one of the possible actors for the role of James Bond. Perhaps at that time, many people did not even think that he would be chosen for this role, but in April of the same year, publications wrote that Craig had signed a contract with the EON film company for the price of 15 million pounds ($ 29.697).

And finally, in October 2005, this contract reached its final stages and Craig’s presence in this role was confirmed. Craig is the first James Bond to play this role after the death of Albert Broccoli, the producer and creator of the first James Bond in 1996.

He recently signed a contract for the 24th and 25th James Bond films . The choice of Daniel Craig as agent 007 faced many criticisms and protests, so that some fans of this secret agent boycotted watching his new movie . The reason for these people’s opposition was that, unlike previous gangs, Craig is blond and of average height.

With the extensive news coverage against Daniel Craig, many actors stepped up and supported him. Among these actors, the four previous actors of this role, namely ” Tim Wetty Dalton”, “Sean Connery”, “Roger Moore” and “Pierce Brosnan” can be seen, who strongly supported Craig’s choice. Clive Owen, the long  rumored actor who will play the role of the new Bond, and Judy DengeThe role opposite Craig in “Casino Royale” was among his supporters.

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Pierce Brosnan was asked in an interview with ” Gol Web and Mail” magazine, what do you think about Daniel Craig, the new James Bond actor , and will you watch Casino Royale ? To which he replied: “I am impatiently waiting for its release. My colleagues are also waiting for the release of that movie . Daniel Craig is a great actor and will definitely do his job well.”

The release of the movie Casino Royale and the more human and realistic face of James Bond made everyone admire the outstanding abilities of the actor . The most important internet sites in the world discussed and reviewed Casino Royale and the performance of its lead actor ,

and 94% of the discussions of this filmand evaluated Daniel Craig’s game positively. Many articles stated that Craig was able to portray a more believable and relatable gang. He was nominated for the best British actor award in January 2006, and won the best actor award at the N’Glace Film Festival in February 2007. Bond’s blockbuster film was selected.

Private Life

Daniel Craig has a special interest in music , especially German heavy metal music . He is also very interested in computer games and according to himself, he spends most of his free time sitting in front of the computer and playing computer action games. In 1992, Craig married actress Fiona Loudon and had a daughter, Ella, and divorced Loudon in 1994 .

After the divorce, he was in a relationship with the German actor “Hick Mackatsch” until 2001, and from 2004 to 2010, he lived with “Satsuki Mitchell”, a movie producer , and it was reported that he had a relationship with “Sienna Miller” in 2005. Craig and Rachel Weisz were close friends for many years and starred in the movie Dream House and were in a relationship from 2010 until they got married in 2011 and held a private ceremony away from reporters and others in New York City with four people. which included Craig’s 18-year-old daughter Ella and Weiss’ 5-year-old son and themselves.

In 2013, on the occasion of Daniel’s 45th birthday, Rachel Weisz gave him an Aston Martin Vantage (2005) as a gift. Daniel is an old friend of Mark Strong and the adoptive father of Mark’s oldest child. He is also a supporter of Liverpool football club . Daniel said in an interview that his daughter was proud of his presence in this film during the height of opposition to his role as James Bond . Craig doesn’t usually talk about his daughter in public. Ella and her mother Fiona live in London .

He says of his daughter: “Ella is proud that I have become James Bond and she has come to terms with it very well. I am very happy for this film but at the same time I want to protect my daughter. I don’t want my fame as a 007 agent to cause problems for him. That’s why I don’t talk much about him in interviews, because the more I say about him, the more the press gives themselves the right to disturb him and take his picture .

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When it came to choosing her as the main role of the movie Casino Royale, rumors and rumors about her were also raised and she did not want the scope of these news to reach her daughter. At that time, the press wrote strange rumors about him, for example, some magazines wrote that he gets seasick when he gets on a boat, or that he doesn’t like guns, or that he doesn’t know how to drive at all. Then it was time for other criticisms, for example, they said that Craig is very short and has big ears.

Daniel Craig Personal Beliefs

After hearing and reading extensive reviews, Craig said, “The Internet is an amazing vehicle for people’s voices, and I strongly believe in that. But unfortunately, I can’t argue with people over the internet because people like to express their personal opinions more. That’s what democracy means. All I can say is go see the movie .

People have a special bias towards this film because they consider it very close to them. They grew up with James Bond. me too. But I was criticized before I could prove myself. I just had to be quiet and forget everything. I can’t think about these things. I have to move forward and focus on playing my role. to do it right Although I had already prepared myself for these reactions , I was still deeply affected. The attention of friends and family has been very important to me.

That’s what friends are for. Whenever I play a movie , I immediately ask their opinion and their opinion is very valuable to me. Daniel Craig said about dyeing his hair: “It never crossed my mind for a second to dye my hair. My hair had no effect on the story of the film . The only thing I was told was that my hair should be short and I kept it that way. Fortunately, no one cares about my hair color anymore and nobody cares about me being blonde. Fortunately, I have nothing to offer except hair color, the actress …

Craig endured a lot of hardships for this film and went on a strict diet. He says that I broke the diet once a week because I felt the need to get out of the James Bond mood at least once a week. At that time, like a bear, I ate everything I wanted, from all kinds of syrups and sweets to colorful foods. Pierce Brosnan once said that the first movie he saw in his life was a James Bond movie .

Now Daniel Craig has the same claim. He says: “When I went to the cinema for the first time, it was the movie ” Live and Die” from the James Bond series starring Roger Moore. Craig’s favorite movie is “From Russia with Love” because “Robert Shaw” is the negative role of the movie plays and is blonde like him. Daniel Craig has played a negative role in most of his films . “It’s nice to make money,” he says of getting rich. I would like to get rich and buy art with my money . Of course, I also like the Aston Martin car and I might buy one.”

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Is Daniel Craig ready for global fame? He says: I don’t know. I don’t know how to prepare for this. I did not act in this film to become famous and I never sought fame. Of course, I don’t mind it either, but I am more interested in my work than fame. Fame is good, but there are also problems with it.

Privacy is very important and I know I’m losing a lot of it with this reputation and I have to deal with that. In his spare time, Craig enjoys fishing and painting. Basically, he likes to draw the image of fishes. He says: “I have to make a proper plan for my idle time. I don’t see my family sometimes for months. Should I go and see if they still love me at all? “I need to strengthen my relationship with my family.”

In general culture

The statue of Daniel Craig as James Bond was created by Madame Tussauds and is kept in the Las Vegas branch of Madame Tussauds.

London 2012 Olympics

Daniel Craig played the role of James Bond in the film that opened the 2012 London Olympics . According to the Sun newspaper, scenes of this movie were filmed in Buckingham Palace, the main residence of the royal family of Ann Glace .

Craig, together with ‘Danny Boyle’, the creative director of the opening ceremony of the Olympics , were able to make a film in this palace for the first time at the invitation of Queen Anne Glass .

Details of the short film, titled ‘The Arrival’, have not yet been released, but it appears the legendary MI6 agent will take a helicopter to the Olympic Stadium on the Queen’s orders and then parachute into the stadium to open the Games.

Daniel Craig Cinematography _

the most important

YearTitlein the role
2015specterJames Bond
2012SkyfallJames Bond
2011A girl with a dragon tattooMikael Blomqvist
2011Adventures of TintinIvan Ivanovich Sakharin / Red-headed Rakam
2011dream houseWill Atton / Peter Ward
2011Cowboys and aliensJake Lanergan
2008resistanceTuvia Bilevsky
2008A bit of peaceJames Bond
2007Golden compassLord Azriel
2007invasionBen Dries Cole
2006renaissanceBartholomew Karas
2006despicablePerry Smith
2006Casino RoyaleJames Bond
2005the jacketRudy McKenzie
2004ever lasting loveatmosphere
2004layered cakexxx
2003SylviaTed Hodges
2002A road to destructionConnor Rooney
2001Lara Croft: Tomb RaiderAlex West
1998ElizabethJohn Ballard

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