Biography of David Bautista

Biography of David Bautista

Biography of David Bautista

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Biography of David Bautista
Biography of David Bautista

Biography of David Bautista

David Bautista
Dave Batista
is the psychic animal
Introduced height198 cm
Introduced weight130 kg
birthdayJanuary 18, 1969 Washington, D.C. C.
place of residenceTampa, Florida
Introduced byWashington, D.C. C.
trainer(s)Afa Anoa
Getting started1997
Retirement(as a wrestler) 2010


David Michael Bautista (born January 18, 1969 ) is an American bodybuilder, actor , and former professional wrestler. He used to work in the WWE League and was one of the biggest wrestlers in this company.

He is a one-time Royal Rumble champion in 2005, two-time tag team champion with Ric Flair and John Cena, six world heavyweight championships and WWE championship. He has a number of registered moves and techniques to his name in professional wrestling. The names of his moves are spear, spin booster and batista bomb.

On July 11, 1999, Eddie Gilberg arranged a match with Batista before the match on a stage. Batista hit Gilberg very quickly in the locker room and Gilberg was injured and unable to compete, and the match ended in favor of Batista. Batista worked in WXW club , which was managed by Wild Samoan Afa, who trained Batista, and eventually Batista changed his name to Kahn Kahn in October 1999 .

He made his WXW debut as Kahn on October 30, 1999, defeating Southtown Joe. In February 2000, Batista signed a contract with the WWF. But this contract didn’t last long because they didn’t give Batista a field in the WWF, that’s why he joined the club in the summer of 2000.

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He left Ohio Valley Wrestling and changed his name to Leviathan and joined the Disciples of Synn. On December 13, 2000, Leviathan got angry with one of the WWE superstars named Kane and fought him in a match called DARK MATCH, which he lost. On October 24, 2001, Leviathan defeated Val Venis at the OVW SHOW.

Leviathan defeated “The Machine” Doug Basham in a match in Jefferson City on November 28, 2001 to become the new OVW Heavyweight Champion. Leviathan defended his belt against D’LO BROWN on June 16, 2002 and defeated Brown. On March 2, 2002 in Indianapolis, IN, he was able to finish a battle royal in his favor.

On May 9, 2002, Batista made his WWE debut under the name Deacon Batista and began working with Reverend D-Von (Dudley). After a while when the name of the Deacon could not last,

he changed his name and appearance again and called himself Batista and signed a new contract with WWE outside the ring. On August 15, 2002, in the transfer season of SmackDown, he hit his friend Dudley backstage and knocked him down, and the following week, Batista had a match with Dion Dudley, who defeated him.

After these events, on November 4, 2002, he came to Raw and there he gave his name as Dave Batista. On November 25, 2002 Batista came to the aid of Ric Filler and Ric Filler was able to defeat the great Kane. Next week on Raw in Austin TX. Batista was able to defeat Hurricane with the help of Ric Filer. Batista was able to defeat Kane at Armageddon in 2002. In June 2003, he joined the new Evolution group, whose members were Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, and Ric Filler.

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In February 2003, Batista suffered a concussion that did not last long. At Armageddon 2003 in Orlando FL. Batista along with Ric Filer participated in a tag team turmoil match with The Dudleys, who eventually won the match and became the new World Tag Team Champions. At the 2003 Royal Rumble, Batista and Ric Filer defeated The Dudleys in an open TABLE TORNADO TAG match and defended their belts.

On February 7, 2004 in Saitama, Japan, Batista and Ric Filer defeated the Dudley Boyz for the third time in a row and defended their belt at WrestleMania XX, which was held in New York City. Batista along with Orton and Ric Filer as a group Evolution was able to defeat The Rock and Mick Floy. On March 22, 2004 in Detroit, MI. On Raw,

Batista teamed with Ric Filer against the tag team of Booker T and Rob Van Dam, who won the match and captured the World Tag Team Championship. At Vengeance in 2004, Batista was able to defeat Chris Jericho. Batista at the 2005 Royal Rumble in Fresno, CA. He was able to throw John Cena out of the ring and become the champion of the Royal Rumble and fight for the World Heavyweight belt at WrestleMania that year.

Batista was able to defeat Triple H and become the new World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 21 in Los Angeles, CA. At BACKLASH 2005, Batista defeated Triple H again and defended his belt. At Vengeance in 2005, which was held in Las Vegas, he was able to defeat Triple H in a HELL IN A CELL match and defend his belt.

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Shortly after this incident, Batista went to SmackDown. At Summerslam 2005, Batista was able to defeat JBL in a no holds barred match and defend his belt. Batista was able to defeat Eddie and defend his belt at No Mercy in 2005.

At Taboo Tuesday 2005, Batista replaced Stan Cold in a street fight and defeated Jonathan Coachman. On December 13, 2005, Batista and Rey Mysterio were able to defeat MNM and become the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Also, Batista participated in SURVIVE SIERES in 2005 in the SMACKDOWN VS RAW match in the SmackDown team,

where he was chokeslammed by Kane Chok and Sean Michaels pinned him. Batista participated in ARMAGGEDON in 2005 in the CHAMPOIN VS CHAMPOIN match with Rey Mysterio, who were finally defeated by Big Show and Kane.

On June 12, 2006, Batista, who had been injured by Mark Henry the week before, came and gave his World Heavyweight belt to Teddy Long and said goodbye to the people. Batista came in the Royal Rumble and no way OUT in 2006 even though he was injured and made people happy.

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