Jim Carrey Biography, Movies, Net worth, Age, Wife, Daughter

Jim Carrey Biography, Movies, Net worth, Age, Wife, Daughter

Jim Carrey Biography, Movies, Net worth, Age, Wife, Daughter

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Jim Carrey Biography

original nameJames Eugene “Jim” Carey
Net worth$180 Million
BirthJanuary 17, 1962 (age 53)
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canada,
United States of America
professionActor , comedian
Years of activity1979 until now
Spouse(s)Melissa Womer (from 1987 to 1995)
Lauren Hawley (from 1996 to 1997)

James Eugene “Jim Carrey 

( born January 17 , 1962) is a Canadian-American actor and comedian. So far, he has won the Golden Web Award twice for the films The Truman Show and The Man on the Moon.


Jim Carrey was born with the name “James Eugene Carrey”. His father was a jazz saxophonist, and for this reason, he was present in comedy shows and programs since he was a child. With his father’s unemployment, the family’s situation became unfavorable and he had to work in a factory after school. For this reason, he dropped out of high school and after working for a while, he moved from Toronto to Los Angeles at the age of 19.

In Hollywood, he experienced one-man comedy performances in night clubs and slowly entered the cinema .

He did not get an important role until a decade after performing his cinematic activities . In his first films , he did not show any signs of his acting talents, and in the following years, perhaps the most important film of his career is Frank Coppola’s Peggy Sue Got Married , in which he had a marginal role. Until the end of 1992, he acted in a total of eight films and several TV series and appeared in some of them under the name of James Carrey.

But “Ace Ventura” was the end of this period of his activities . In this film Shadiac, Jim Carrey was one of the three screenwriters and also played the lead role, and he was paid only $350,000 for both.

It was here that for the first time he showed his many comedic skills and that is why he got the lead role in Mask movie with a little more salary.

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The screening of these two films in a short space and the high sales of both made Carey a star. He was paid $7 million for Dumb and Dumber that same year, and showed he wanted to be different by accepting the role of the Riddler in Batman Forever , which had previously been turned down by Robin Williams. In 1995, his popularity increased with the showing of the second part of Ace Ventura. In the same year, after eight years of living with “Melissa Womer”, who was a simple waitress, he divorced her, and a year later, he married Lauren Holly, his co-star in Stupid and Stupid , which didn’t last more than a year.

After the success of his 4 consecutive comedies, he was paid 20 million dollars for the movie “Cable TV Installer ” (Cable Man) to take the title of the most expensive comedy star.

The commercial failure of “The Installer…”, which was mostly due to his turn from superficial humor to bitter humor, immediately cemented his position again with the film “Liar Liar” with the same face as Jim Carrey.

After this film, he showed that he was not satisfied with the position he was placed in, and he tried a lot to appear in the films of more prominent directors , and the result of this effort was the role in Peter Weir’s Truman show, which he achieved by breaking his salary.

Carey’s performance in this film was stunning and earned him the Golden Globe Award . He also appeared well in his next two films , “The Man on the Moon” and “Me, Myself and Irene” and for “The Man on the Moon” he received the Gol Dan Gol Web Award again , and with the second one , he became more popular among moviegoers . and the owners of the companies.

From the beginning of the filming of “Myself, Myself and Irene”, he had a close relationship with his co-star Reni Zelugar, which went to the verge of marriage , but the controversies and media scandals caused this marriage to be rejected.

If Jerry Lewis replaced the comedy stars of silent cinema , Jim Carrey borrowed the same qualities from him and gave them the spirit of the modern cinema of the 1990s. In Jim Carrey’s comedies, moral curtains and sometimes cheeky jokes are added to the hustle and bustle of Jerry Lewis and his contemporaries.

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In the late 1990s, Carey tried hard to be more than just a successful comedian at the box office. Accepting the role of “Riddler” in “Batman Forever”, which was neither a leading role nor a high salary, and after “Cable TV Installer ” and the failure of both did not disappoint him, and played in “The Truman Show” and “The Man on Steel”. Mah” reached its goal.

Although in these years, the Academy did not even consider him worthy of an Oscar nomination, but he was honored both by the critics’ centers and by the festivals and at the annual awards ceremony.

By acting in the stunning movie “Eternal Shine of a Pure Mind”, he experienced a new experience and showed that he can shine in non-comedy as well.

Carey is a popular star in today’s cinema with two different faces and his own movements, and these two faces make him a prominent actor in contemporary cinema .

Jim Carrey Net worth:

Jim Carrey, acclaimed for his comedic genius and versatile acting, boasts a remarkable net worth of $180 million, a testament to his lucrative career in the entertainment industry. Throughout the late 1990s and 2000s, Carrey’s earning power reached new heights as he commanded $25,000 per episode for his role in the sketch series, accumulating a substantial $3.2 million from the show’s 127 episodes. In a groundbreaking achievement in 1994,

he secured a payment of $350,000 for his iconic role in the first Ace Ventura movie, marking a pivotal moment in his career. Carrey’s ascent continued as he became the first actor in history to shatter the coveted $20 million base salary barrier, further solidifying his status as one of the highest-paid actors in the industry. With a track record of blockbuster films and historic salary milestones, Jim Carrey’s net worth stands as a testament to his unparalleled success and enduring legacy in the world of entertainment.


  • 2014 – Stupid and stupider 2
  • 2-13 – Speaker 2: The legend continues
  • 2013 – Cake S2
  • 2013 – The Amazing Burt Wonderstone (Don Scardino)
  • 2011 – Mr. Popper’s Penguins (Tom Popper)
  • 2009 – I Love You Philip Morris (Steven Russell)
  • 2008 – Positive Answers Man ( Peyton Reed )
  • 2007 – No. 23 ( Walter )
  • 2005 – A joke with Dick and Jane ( Dick )
  • 2004 – The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket ( Kant Olaf )
  • 2004 – The eternal glow of a pure mind ( Joel Brisch )
  • 2003 – Bruce Kader ( Bruce Nolan )
  • 2001 – Majestic ( Peter Appleton )
  • 2000 – How Greenwich Stole Christmas ( Greenwich )
  • 2000 – Me, Myself and Irene ( Charli Billigitz/e Luke Trimble/Myself )
  • 1999 – Man on the Moon ( Tony Clifton )
  • 1998 – Simon Birch ( Young Joe Wentworth )
  • 1998 – The Truman Show ( Truman Brubank )
  • 1997 – Liar Liar ( Fletcher Reed )
  • 1996 – The Cable Man ( The Cable Man )
  • 1995 – Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls ( Ace Ventura )
  • 1995 – Batman Forever ( Riddler/Edward Nygma )
  • 1994 – Stupid and Stupid ( Lloyd Christmas )
  • 1994 – Mask ( Stanley Apkis )
  • 1994 – Ace Ventura: Animal Detective ( Ace Ventura )
  • 1989 – Pink Cadillac ( comedian )
  • 1988 – Earth girls are simple ( Wilpak )
  • 1988 – Death Pool ( Johnny Squars )
  • 1986 – Peggy Sue married ( Walter Getz )
  • 1983 – Everything in Good Taste ( Ralph )
  • 1983 – Introduction… Janet ( Tony Moroney )
  • 1983 – Copper Mountain ( Bobby Todd )
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