Johnny Sins With Ranveer Singh In Adult Advertisement

Johnny Sins With Ranveer Singh In Adult Advertisement

Johnny Sins With Ranveer Singh In Adult Advertisement

                                       Bold Care’s Bold Move: A Creative Twist in the World of Advertisement


In the ever-evolving world of advertising, brands are constantly pushing boundaries to capture the attention of their audience. Bold Care, a Mumbai-based sex and adult products manufacturing company, has recently taken a bold step by featuring Johnny Sins, an internationally renowned adult film star, alongside Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh in a 1.49-minute ad that has set the internet abuzz. This unexpected collaboration has sparked discussions, with netizens sharing their thoughts on the unique advertisement.

Johnny Singh With Ranveer Singh:


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The Plot Unveiled:

The ad unfolds in a traditional family setting, where a married woman (daughter-in-law) stuns her family by announcing her decision to leave the house. She attributes her departure to her husband, played by Johnny Sins, revealing a perceived sexual weakness. The revelation sends shockwaves through the household, creating a dramatic and tense atmosphere.

The Twist:

Amidst the chaos, Ranveer Singh, portraying Johnny Sins’ brother, steps in and asks for a ‘Samajishi’ (understanding). The tension escalates as the mother-in-law, overhearing the daughter-in-law’s confession, reacts strongly by slapping her. This unexpected turn of events adds a layer of suspense to the narrative.

Ranveer’s Intervention:

Ranveer Singh’s character takes charge, warning Johnny Sins about the situation. In a pivotal moment, he throws a Bold Care product towards Johnny Sins. As the daughter-in-law falls to the floor, Johnny Sins grabs the product mid-air and springs into action, using the Bold Care product to prevent his wife from hitting the ground. This unexpected twist introduces a touch of humor and creativity to the ad.

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The Happy Ending:

The ad concludes with a ‘happy ending,’ symbolizing the effectiveness and reliability of Bold Care products in overcoming the challenges portrayed earlier in the plot. The unexpected collaboration between Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh, coupled with the innovative storytelling, has left an indelible mark on viewers.

Audience Reception:

The Bold Care ad has generated mixed reactions among the audience. While some have commended the creativity and unique storyline, others have praised Johnny Sins for his acting skills in a non-adult context. The unexpected collaboration has sparked conversations, making the ad a topic of discussion across various social media platforms.


Bold Care’s bold move in featuring Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh in a unique advertisement has certainly captured the attention of audiences. The ad’s creative twist, unexpected humor, and effective storytelling have contributed to its success in creating a buzz on the internet. In the dynamic world of advertising, such daring approaches undoubtedly set brands apart, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and sparking discussions that extend beyond the realm of traditional advertisements.

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