Robert De Niro Biography, Height, Age, Son, Movies, Net worth, Wife

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro Biography, Height, Age, Son, Movies, Net worth, Wife

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Robert De Niro Biography, Height, Age, Son, Movies, Net worth, Wife
Robert De Niro Biography
Robert De Niro
original nameRobert Mario De Niro Jr
BirthAugust 17, 1943, New York City, New York State, USA
Nationality American
Years of activity1965 until now
Spouse(s)Diane Abbott (1988-1976), Grace Hightower (1997-present)
childrenDerna de Niro, Raphael de Niro

Robert De Niro ( born : August 17 , 1943) is an American actor , director and producer . One of his first good movies is Bad Streets . After his failure to get the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather, he was given the role of Vito Corleone in the second part of the same film . He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role.

His collaboration with Martin Scorsese, the famous American director , began with the film Mean Streets, and after that the two made several other films with the help of each other, including the film Raging Cow, the role of which Robert

He won the Oscar for Best Actor . Among the other films of these two are films such as Taxi Driver and Gorge of Terror, in which he was nominated for an Oscar for acting in both of them. The movie “The Deer Hunter” also nominated him for an Oscar. The director of this film was Michael Cimino .

Robert De Niro was also nominated for four Golden Globe Awards for his roles in New York, New York (1977), Midnight Run (1988), See This (1999), and Meet the Parents (2000). On the director’s side , there is also a work like Good Shepherd by him.

Robert De Niro is known as one of the greatest and most exceptional actors in the history of cinema . He has appeared in more than ninety films during his career .


Robert De Niro was born on August 17, 1943 in New York. His mother was a poet and his father was active in the art field of abstract excitement. His father was of Italian-Irish descent, and his mother was of German, Irish, French , Dutch descent. His grandparents were among the Italian immigrants to America.

Robert’s parents, who met in an art class, divorced when their son was three years old. Robert was raised by his mother in the “Little Italy” neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. His father’s place of residence was also a short distance from them, so Robert spent most of his time with his father.

Artistic activity

Robert De Niro was ten years old when he started his career in the theater and acted in the play “Wizard of Oz” and later went to Lee Strasberg’s acting class and learned acting from him, thus becoming a method acting actor . It was a style that was pioneered by Marlon Brando and James Dean and reached its peak with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman.

It must be said that he is an introverted actor and his impressive performances have been a source of inspiration for many contemporary actors such as Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn, to the extent that Daniel Day-Lewis is called the Deniroy of Engleis , and he also considered DeNiro his hero at the beginning of the journey.

He is a knowledgeable actor . De Niro in 1968, the first filmHe played himself in the title of Greetings by Brian De Palma, the young director of those years of cinema , after that he played a role in several films of the same filmmaker with the titles Wedding Party and Salam Madar.

In 1972, he was considered as one of the candidates for playing a role in the movie “The Godfather”, but he did not get a role and had to act in a movie that he could not shoot. In 1973, he played a baseball player struggling with a terminal illness in his first professional film ,

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Beat the Drum Slow, and in the same year, Martin Scorsese invited him to star in Brutal Streets . He played a young street entertainer named Johnny Boy, the success of that film was impressive and it was the beginning of the brilliant works of De Niro and Martin Scorsese.

De Niro soon met the team of Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. This director , who, like Robert De Niro, had Italian roots, decided to create a wave of films critical of the capitalist system and the atmosphere of carelessness ruling America. The scientist of this wave was Coppola. But Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro’s coordination team failed. He has also produced many films and directed several films , such as a Bronx story, which turned out to be a very beautiful film .

Marlon Brando said about him:

I think even De Niro himself does not know how skilled he is.

In 2008, he received the Golden Camera Award from Martin Scorsese for his lifelong presence in cinema under the title of World Masterpiece in Berlin. It should be said that Marlon Brando and De Niro were two people who won the Oscar for their brilliant performance in the role of Don Vito Corleone,

which according to many critics is the most enduring role in the history of cinema . Many critics consider him to be the most talented actor in the history of cinema and this There is no exaggeration because De Niro has played in many genres of cinema

For example, in the horror cinema , we can mention works such as Frankenstein and Mohebat Elahi, and in the comedy cinema , we can also mention a masterpiece such as Sultan of Comedy, in which he plays opposite the giant of the comedy world of that era, Jerry Lewis, and other works such as Meeting with the parents and meeting with the fakers, and in the sports genre,

he has played a role in Martin Scorsese’s eternal work, Raging Bull, which is the best sports movie from the point of view of many movie experts, and also from the point of view of the American Film Foundation after Kane ‘s Compatriot . The Godfather and Casablanca are the best movies in the history of cinema . But in the gangster style, de Niro Shah It has another work like Scorsese’s Good Buddies and Brian De Palma’s memorable Invincibles.

In 2012, playing the role of Bradley Cooper’s father in the film The Hopeful Notebook, Robert De Niro was again nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor after 38 years from The Godfather: Part II. He was able to win the Hollywood Film Award and the Detroit Critics Association Award for the same role.

Robert De Niro Net Worth 2023

Robert De Niro is a very famous actor of America, if we talk about his net worth, then his 2023 net worth can be said to be around 520-22 $ Million, apart from this, if we talk about his salary, then he is close to 35 $ million. We take salary, whatever Robert De Niro is telling you about your Networth, we have obtained this information from Wikipedia and Forbes.

A review of several films

The most important films of Robert De Niro were directed by Martin Scorsese , and perhaps De Niro’s performance in the role of “Travis Bickel” can be considered a model for his entire cast . The title of this movie was Taxi Driver and De Niro played the role of a soldier who returned from the war, who is unable to sleep due to his mental awakening and seeing the dirty life of the people . clean the city He reluctantly agrees to travel at night in Harlem, New York.

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After a while, Travis notices the tragedies that are going on in the streets and in people’s hearts, and despite his passive attitude, he decides to solve these problems. His methods are violent and in the end he is only able to bring Jodie Foster (who played a prostitute at the age of 12) back home. For a long time, Travis’s sense of isolation weighed heavily on De Niro’s game. Of course, De Niro is a master actor and by playing different roles after this movie , he tried to get away from the character of Travis.

De Niro’s good films are many, he has a lasting presence in Bernardo Bertolucci’s epic 1900, The Deer Hunter was a film critical of the Vietnam War, in which Robert De Niro plays a steel factory worker who goes to the Vietnam War where he finds his friends. Loses, the film shows the horrors of the war and its aftermath in an extremely moving way, the memorable Russian roulette sequence remains one of the most controversial sequences in the history of world cinema .

He won an Oscar for playing the role of Jake LaMotta (a successful American boxer in the 1940s and mid-1950s) in the movie Raging Bull . He gained nearly 33 kg to play the role of Jake LaMotta and became the proverbial actor , his weight gain record was later broken in 1987 by the actor of Full Metal Shell. In Sultan of Comedy, he played the role of fame-loving and psychotic Rupert Popkin , who rose to fame next to comedy giant Jerry Lewis.

Once upon a time in America, Sergio Leone’s masterpiece was an odyssey, which was not released due to improper release in America and shortening the time. The 137-minute film was not well received by the public and critics, but now it is in most lists The best films in the history of cinema stand out.

Awakenings was a movie about a mentally disabled patient, which De Niro played well. Gorge of Horror was a shocking film about the horror of revenge. For the film , De Niro messed up his teeth with orthodontics and tattooed Tense with vegetable ink (which was later absorbed into the body) to play a sex offender.

Casino is the last collaboration between De Niro and Martin Scorsese so far, who played the role of Las Vegas casino owner Sam Rotstein in one of his last brilliant performances in the 90s, the same year as Neal McCully in Predicament . And the memorable sequence of the two godfathers, which leads to an audible conversation between him and Al Pacino – who played the roles of Vito Corleone and Michael Corleone in the mafia saga The Godfather by the great Francis Ford Coppola – is another golden leaf in the long career of this giant of the world cinema . Although De Niro was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003, he was able to overcome it.

In the American Film Foundation’s new list released in 2007, Raging Cow , The Godfather: Part II, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, and Good Buddies ranked #4, #32, #52, #53, and #92, respectively. And in this respect, he has the record with the most number of movies , along with James Stewart. In 2006, the famous line “You’re talking to me” that De Niro improvised in the movie Taxi Driver was chosen as the 10th most memorable quote in the history of cinema .

Short reading tips

Premier magazine named De Niro the 78th most powerful person in the world in 2002.

He has always named Meryl Streep as his favorite actress to play opposite him.

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According to Vanity Fair magazine, he is the first person to use method acting in a cartoon movie , this movie was called The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

In 2011, he was the head of the Cannes Film Festival jury .

De Niro was chosen to play the role of Bill the Butcher in the New York movie , but after learning that he had to go to Europe for 6 months for filming , he withdrew and the role went to Daniel Day-Lewis.


  • “People’s talent is in the choices they make”
  • “One of the positive points of being an actor is that you can experience other people’s lives without paying the price!”
  • “Some people say that New York is a good city to visit but not to live in, I would say the same about other cities.”
  • “The hardest thing about being famous is that people are always nice to you and agree with whatever you say, even if it’s completely stupid!”

Cinematography _

Yearmovie nameRole
1965Three rooms in Manhattan
1969Sam’s song
wedding ceremony
1970Mom is a firecracker
Hello Mom!
1971Jennifer in my mind
born to win
A gallows that could not shoot
1973Beat the drum slowly
Cruel streetsJohnny Boy
1974Godfather 2Vito Corleone
1976Taxi driverTravis Bickle
The last QaroonMonroe Starr
1977New York, New YorkJimmy Doyle
1978Deer HunterMichael Vronsky
1980angry cowJake LaMotta
1981True confessions
1983king of comedyRupert Popkin
1984Once upon a time in AmericaDavid Noodles Aaronson
fall in love
1986MissionRodrigo Mendoza
1987heart of an angel
The unconquerableAl Capone
1988midnight escape
1989Knife with latch
We are not angels, teamNed
1990Stanley and IrisStanley
good friendsJamie Conway
AwakeningsLeonard Lowe
1991In case of crimeDavid Merrill
gorge of terrorMax Cady
night and city
1993A Bronx storyLorenzo
Medog and Gulvari
This boy’s life
1995Thousand and One Nights
casinoSam Tak Rothstein
predicamentNeil McCulley
1996fanGail Renard
sleeping roundRev. Robert Curillo
Marvin’s roomDr. Wally
1997police townTilden’s hair
Jackie BrownLuis Gara
shake the dogKonrad Bryan
1998great wishPrisoner/Lustig
1999analyze itPaul Witty
2000Rocky and Bullwinkle
men of honor
Meeting with parentsJack Byrnes
200115 minutesEddie Fleming
2002show timeMitch Preston
coastal cityVincent La Marca
Analyze it 2Paul Witty
2004blessing of GodRichard Wells
The story of the sharkDon Lino
Meeting fakersJack Byrnes
San Luis Rey bridge
2005hide and seekDavid Callaway
2006Arthur and the invisiblePadshah _
good shepherdGeneral Bill Sullivan
2007round starCaptain Shakespeare
2008What has happened?Ben
righteous murderTurk
2012Hopeful notebookPat Sr
2013big weddingDon Griffin
2013killing seasonBenjamin Ford
2013Last Vegaspaddy
2013American tricksterVictor Telligio

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