Squid Game The Challenge Season 2, Review, Release Date, Release Time

squid game the challenge season 2

Squid Game The Challenge Season 2, Review, Release Date, Release Time


“Squid Game: The Challenge” has recently made its debut on Netflix in Hindi, promising a unique blend of reality and gaming based on the themes of the popular Squid Game series. With the first five episodes already released and the remaining four set to premiere on November 29th and December 6th, anticipation is building. As a viewer who has experienced the initial episodes, I’d like to share my thoughts on this intriguing game show.

Setting the Stage:

Firstly, it’s crucial to clarify that “Squid Game: The Challenge” is not a drama series, a movie, or a continuation of the Squid Game narrative. It’s a standalone game show akin to others like Bigg Boss, but with a lethal twist. Contestants face life-threatening challenges, reminiscent of the survival stakes in the original Squid Game. However, unlike traditional game shows where elimination means exclusion from the competition, here it could mean much more.

Initial Impressions:

Having watched the first two episodes, I found myself grappling with mixed feelings. The show introduces familiar game show elements, but the life-or-death consequences add a layer of tension that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Unlike shows like Bigg Boss, where elimination is more about social dynamics, “Squid Game: The Challenge” introduces a level of intensity that may not resonate with all audiences.

The Lack of Thrill:

Oddly enough, the heightened stakes didn’t translate into increased excitement for me. Perhaps it’s because the format felt too familiar, resembling other game shows in structure. The absence of a strong connection to the characters or a gripping narrative made it challenging to fully invest in the outcome of the challenges. Unlike the original Squid Game, where characters’ stories and backgrounds were explored, this game show seems more focused on the games themselves.

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Participant Dynamics:

One bright spot was the likability of certain participants. Establishing a connection with at least one contestant is crucial for viewers to stay engaged. While my interest waned after two episodes, those who enjoy game shows may find the diverse cast and their interactions intriguing enough to continue watching.

A Game of Choices:

The show’s success may hinge on its ability to keep viewers hooked with an array of challenging games and the choices contestants make. However, without the depth of character development seen in the Squid Game series, it remains to be seen whether the stakes alone can sustain interest throughout the entire season.


In conclusion, “Squid Game: The Challenge” offers a unique twist on the traditional game show format by incorporating life-and-death stakes reminiscent of the Squid Game series. However, the lack of a compelling narrative and character development may limit its appeal, particularly for those who prefer more traditional reality shows. If you’re a fan of game shows with a twist and can handle the tension, give it a shot. For those looking for a deeper connection to characters and a gripping storyline, the original Squid Game might be a more satisfying choice. Ultimately, whether you continue watching or not may depend on your appetite for high-stakes gaming on the small screen.

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