Tejas: Kangana Ranaut Takes Flight as a Fighter Pilot in a Patriotic Saga


Tejas: Kangana Ranaut Takes Flight as a Fighter Pilot in a Patriotic Saga


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, known for her versatility and impactful performances, recently graced the silver screen with her latest offering, “Tejas.” The film, which generated considerable buzz in the lead-up to its release, has now made its debut at the box office. However, the initial collections seem to have fallen short of the sky-high expectations. On its first day, “Tejas” managed to amass just Rs 1.25 crore. While the first-day figures may not meet the colossal expectations, it’s essential to remember that the trajectory of a film’s success can vary greatly. With its patriotic theme and the talented Kangana Ranaut in the lead, there’s still hope that “Tejas” might soar to greater heights.


Plot and Kangana Ranaut’s Role

“Tejas” is a patriotic film that revolves around the life and struggles of an Indian Air Force fighter pilot. Kangana Ranaut, who has consistently proven her mettle as an actress, steps into the shoes of the central character. Her portrayal of a strong, determined, and patriotic fighter pilot is expected to be a pivotal element in the film’s overall success. Ranaut’s dedication to her roles and her ability to immerse herself in the characters she plays make her a promising choice for this role.

The Significance of Patriotism

Patriotic films have often struck a chord with the Indian audience. They celebrate the bravery and sacrifices of our armed forces and ignite a sense of national pride. “Tejas” fits into this category, and its success can be largely influenced by how effectively it taps into the viewers’ emotions and love for their country. The patriotic angle, coupled with Kangana Ranaut’s intense performance, offers hope for a turnaround in the film’s fortunes.

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Box Office Numbers: A Mixed Bag

While the initial box office numbers for “Tejas” might not meet the stratospheric expectations, it’s essential to approach these figures with some perspective. First-day collections are just the beginning of a film’s journey. Several factors can influence a movie’s box office performance, including word of mouth, critical reviews, and overall audience sentiment. A film’s reception often evolves over time, and “Tejas” still has ample opportunity to change its course.

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The Road Ahead

It’s too early to label “Tejas” as a flop. The film has immense potential, with Kangana Ranaut’s acting prowess and the patriotic theme as its major strengths. The audience’s response in the coming days and weeks will play a critical role in determining the film’s fate. Positive word of mouth, along with a strong marketing campaign, can significantly impact its box office performance. Ultimately, the success of “Tejas” will depend on how well it resonates with the masses.


Kangana Ranaut’s “Tejas” is more than just another Bollywood release. It is a patriotic film that aims to evoke a sense of national pride and appreciation for our armed forces. While the first-day box office numbers may not have matched the pre-release hype, the film has the potential to make a triumphant comeback. It’s crucial to remember that a film’s success is often a journey, not a destination. Let’s keep an eye on “Tejas” as it continues its flight, hoping that it soars to greater heights and leaves a lasting mark on Indian cinema.


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