Tiger 3 Review: A Rollercoaster of Action, Emotion, and Surprises

Tiger 3 Review

Tiger 3 Review: A Rollercoaster of Action, Emotion, and Surprises


In the world of Bollywood, Salman Khan’s latest release, “Tiger 3,” has become a cinematic phenomenon, breaking records and sparking debates among fans and critics alike. Released on what some call an unconventional date, the film manages to captivate audiences with the magnetic presence of Salman Khan, Emraan Hashmi’s much-anticipated comeback, and a surprising standout performance from Katrina Kaif.

Plot Overview:

“Tiger 3” dives into the world of espionage and intrigue, where Salman Khan’s character, Tiger, is faced with the daunting task of clearing his name as accusations of treason are hurled at him. Enter Emraan Hashmi, a Pakistani agent with a vendetta against Tiger, leading to a high-stakes game of wits and action.

Salman Khan’s Departure from the Norm:

For the first time in years, Salman Khan steps into a role where the story takes precedence over his star power. The film weaves a tale that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, shifting the focus from the hero to the narrative. This departure from the typical Salman Khan film formula adds a layer of suspense and unpredictability.

Emraan Hashmi’s Powerful Comeback:

Emraan Hashmi’s portrayal of the Pakistani agent brings a refreshing change to the narrative. Unlike traditional Bollywood villains, Hashmi relies on intellect and dialogue delivery rather than hand-to-hand combat, showcasing a different facet of the antagonist role. The confrontation between Hashmi and Khan becomes a highlight, challenging conventional expectations.

Katrina Kaif’s Career-Best Performance:

Surprisingly, “Tiger 3” turns out to be more than just a clash between Tiger and the antagonist. Katrina Kaif takes center stage with a 51% role in the film, delivering a career-best performance. Her action sequences leave the audience in awe, elevating the film beyond a typical Salman Khan spectacle.

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Comparison with “Pathan”:

The inevitable comparison with another big-ticket Bollywood film, “Pathan,” arises. While both films boast high-octane action sequences, “Tiger 3” distinguishes itself by blending action with emotion, creating a more immersive cinematic experience. The narrative coherence and attention to detail set it apart from its competitor.

Directorial Choices:

However, some critiques surface regarding certain directorial choices, with Siddharth Anand’s approach occasionally overshadowing the narrative. The grandeur of action scenes sometimes feels forced, leaving moments where the film falls short of its intended impact.


In conclusion, “Tiger 3” emerges as a cinematic festival, offering a blend of action, emotion, and surprises. Salman Khan’s step back from the spotlight, Emraan Hashmi’s impactful comeback, and Katrina Kaif’s stellar performance collectively contribute to the film’s success. While not without its flaws, the movie manages to entertain and keep the audience engaged throughout its runtime.

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